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BLOCK Pride 2017

BLOCK Pride 2017 – Block Bar Brighton!

BLOCK is very proud to be supporting Brighton’s Pride 2017.
Being situated on St James Street BLOCK is part of the Pride street party every year, the event is always at maximum capacity, with DJs set up in our exquisite garden and on the BLOCK main stage at the front of the venue providing the party with a wonderful array of Brighton’s finest DJ talent.

If you want to be a part of this years extravaganza please ensure to purchase a Pride Pass and arrive early as making your way along St James Street is quite the mission over the Pride weekend.

Friday evening in the garden will be hosted by ‘BeAventGarde’ and full details are available on their facebook event by CLICKING HERE!.

On the Saturday BLOCK will be presenting a House & Disco vibe line up including, Chad Jackson, Steve Mac, Enzo Siffredi, Will Dawson, Cheets, Rob Holme, Nick Hook, Mark Wilkinson, Andrea Dev, Lee Garrett, Adam Pique, Brody, Vague Recollection, Grace Sands, Magnus Asberg, Marlon Maryon and Evil Nine!!

Come Sunday we will be taken over by BIG LOVE RECORDS with head honcho Seamus Haji joined by Timo Garcia, Affy Go Bang, Mick Fuller, W.H.A.T.A.M.I, Kate Wildblood & Queen Josephine, Chewy Rubs and last but by no means least Brighton Music Conference director Billy Mauseth. Get more information on that event by CLICKING HERE!

Pride day passes are available at BLOCK with all proceeds going to Brighton Pride but you won’t be able to get one on the day, pop in this week by Thursday at the latest to make sure you’re in!

BLOCK Pride 2017 - Block Bar Brighton
BLOCK Pride 2017 - Block Bar Brighton
BLOCK Pride 2017 - Block Bar Brighton
BLOCK Pride 2017 - Block Bar Brighton

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